Renewable Energy Services
      Crawford Engineering and Consulting has the experience
 and technical expertise to assist your company in utilizing
 waste products as energy sources.  

      Several states, including North Carolina, have recently
 enacted regulations requiring electric utilities to incorporate
 energy efficiency and renewable sources as a major component
 of their overall energy production and generation.  Typically,
 these sources can include agricultural wastes and byproducts,
 biomass, wood or other industrial process residue, and
 biogas and methane recovered from industrial or agricultural

      Crawford Engineering's key personnel have been involved
 with numerous biogas recovery and utilization projects in several
 states, dating back to 1991.   Biogas recovery systems are one
 of our specialties.   Let us assist you in generating renewable,
 environmentally responsible power at your facility.

  •  Methane (Biogas) Recovery and Utilization

  •  Agricultural and Industrial Biomass Utilization

  •  Electrical Generation from Byproducts or Waste Materials