Environmental Services:

  • Environmental Site Assessment

  • Sediment and Erosion Control Plans

  • Stream and Buffer Assessment and Permitting

  • Underground Storage Tank Assessment and Permitting

    Crawford Engineering and Consulting has substantial experience in
providing environmental services for a wide range of commercial
interests.  Our specialty is performing Environmental Site
Assessments.  Our environmental professionals will perform the
Environmental Assessment to ASTM E 1527-05 Standards.  The
assessment will include a thorough review of the prior regulatory and
statutory history of the property, a review of the available regulatory
records regarding the site, an inspection and reconnaissance of the
site and an evaluation of the site for potential hazards such as PCBs,
radon, solvents, solid waste disposal, underground storage tanks,
wetlands and other environmental issues related to the development of
the property.   The results of the assessment will be summarized in a
concise, easily understood report, providing you the comprehensive
information you need prior to undertaking and completing real estate

    In addition to performing Environmental Site Assessments,
Crawford Engineering has experience with the preparation of sediment
and erosion control plans and permitting for construction sites, stream
and buffer assessment pollution prevention plans and permitting and
leaking underground petroleum storage tank remediation and removal