Agricultural Services:

  • Agricultural Production Facility Planning and Permitting

  • Site and Earthwork Plans

  • Waste Treatment and Disposal System Design and Permitting

  • Irrigation and Wastewater Application System Design and

  • Composting Facility Design and Permitting

  • Land Application Planning and Waste Disposal Consulting

  • Compliance Assistance with Record-keeping and Reporting

  • Innovative Treatment System Design
          (methane recovery, biodiesel, electrical co-generation)

  • Air Quality Permitting for Feed mills and Grain Processing

  • Potable Water Supply

   Crawford Engineering and Consulting, PA has over 15 years experience designing site plans
and waste treatment systems for a confined livestock facilities.  The systems incorporate ease of
operation, maintenance and compliance with all applicable design and regulatory standards.
Our personnel have designed livestock facilities throughout the United States, and
specialize in animal waste treatment and disposal systems.  

   We also have experience with innovative treatment systems such as biogas (methane)
recovery systems, agricultural composting operations, and traditional freshwater irrigation
systems.  Our goal is to be your comprehensive resource for planning, site design, permitting,
compliance and waste treatment for production livestock facilities.